Mackwell CERIAN SR665/M3 Inverter

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Product Description


Mackwell CERIAN SR665/M3 Inverter


CERIAN modules provide maintained emergency operation for T8 lamps from 3, 4 or 5 cell NiCd batteries.

CERIAN modules are fitted with four pole relays to switch all four lamp connections from the ballast to the inverter.

The ballast hold off relay switches the ballast off during an emergency lighting test.

Product Features

  • High Efficiency rectified output optimised for T8 lamps
  • Compact size allows simple installation
  • AutoTest™ versions fully compliant with IEC 62034
  • AutoTest™ versions with DALI and Potential Free options
  • Deep Discharge Protection fitted
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 1 or 3 hour variants available

Technical Data

Deep Discharge Protection
All modules are fitted with deep discharge protection (DDP) as standard.

Isolating Transformer
Mackwell transformers comply with relevant standards and incorporate a re-settable thermal device to protect the transformer from excessive overload conditions.

Battery Charger
Provides sufficient charge to achieve rated duration from 24 hour charge.

Voltage Sensing Circuit
The AC power supply is sensed so that switching occurs at between 60% and 85% of the nominal mains supply.

The LED indicator is illuminated when a charge is flowing to the cells. Flexible 1x0.6mm high temperature orange and pink leads connect the indicator to the module. The indicator requires a 8mm hole. The indicator supplied with AutoTest™ modules is bi-colour red and green, with red and green wires.

Module Type Lamps
SR665/M3 4x4Ah T8 18,36,58W

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU SR665/M3
Length 150mm
Width 44mm
Height 35mm
Manufacturer Mackwell


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