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Mackwell ADVANZE-1 ST506 Inverter

Mackwell ADVANZE-1 ST506 Inverter
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Product Description


Mackwell ADVANZE-1 ST506 Inverter


The ADVANZE-1 range of modules are designed to run T5 lamps in emergency operation.

The module can size is designed to fit in slim gear trays associated with linear lamps.

The lamp range has increased with the use of the Mackwell Optimisation Link™.

Product Features

  • Specially designed for use with T5 lamps
  • For linear and circular lamps
  • Low Profile 28 x 28 mm section, 250 mm length
  • Maintained 5 pole ballast switching
  • Switch Mode Power Supply runs cooler than traditional iron core transformer
  • Cathode heating provides ideal thermionic emission
  • Sinusoidal HF operation
  • Featuring the Mackwell Lamp Optimisation Link™
  • 1 or 3 hour variants available
  • 3 year warranty

Technical Data

Switch Mode Power Supply
Mackwell patented Switch Mode Power Supply provides total short circuit protection, regulated output and complies with all relevant standards.

Ballast Delay Relay
All versions are fitted with an additional relay to switch off the power to the ballast during emergency lighting test.

Lamp Optimisation Link
The selection of the link alters the circuitry within the module thus enabling the module to run the widest range of lamps often with increased lamp performance.

Please refer to our selection chart for details of emergency BLFs.

The LED indicator is illuminated when a charge is flowing to the cells. Flexible 1x0.6mm high temperature orange and pink leads connect the indicator to the module. The indicator requires a 8mm hole.

Deep Discharge Protection
All modules are fitted with deep discharge protection (DDP) as standard.

ST504/M3 5x4Ah T5 14-28W HE
ST504/M1 5x1.5Ah  
ST505/M3 5x4Ah T5 14-35W HE
ST505/M1 5x1.5Ah  
ST506/M3 5x4Ah T5 24-54W HO
ST506/M1 5x1.5Ah T5C 22-55W
    T8 18-58W
ST680/M3* 6x4Ah T5 80W HO
    TC-L 80W

Additional Information

Additional Information

Length 250mm
Width 28mm
Height 28mm
Manufacturer Mackwell


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